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Protecting your students from radicalisation and other online dangers through active monitoring
Wed November 26, 2014

Protecting your students from radicalisation and other online dangers through active monitoring

With National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week kicking off this week we would like to introduce you to some of our most recent product enhancements, designed specifically to protect your students from exposure to radicalisation.

As events in the media have shown us over the last few months, new online dangers are emerging on an ongoing basis. The threat of our students being exposed to radicalisation continues to be a growing area of concern with the internet playing a major role in recruitment and radicalisation processes.      

A new nationwide initiative launches this week to help raise awareness around some of the dangers. National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week takes place from 24th-30th November promoting the message that everybody has a role to play in keeping the UK safe from terrorism. 

At Future Digital we are playing our part too.This week sees the introduction of a range of Radicalisation words and phrases into our software providing a brand new resource and adding an extra safeguarding dimension to our active monitoring solutions.

The introduction of this library of words ensures that you have full visibility of any possible exposure to radicalisation happening within your network. We are very aware of the dynamic and changing nature of language and therefore work very hard with a range of expert agencies and partners to ensure that our libraries use up-to-the minute words and phrases that reflect contemporary digital activity. All of our libraries are reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis.

Do you want to ensure that you are safeguarding your students and other users within your network against the risk of exposure to online radicalisation and the myriad of other digital risks that they may be exposed to daily such as cyberbullying? If so, then please feel free to contact us on 0844 484 8908 or to talk to us about how we can help you to provide a safe digital environment that will help your students become responsibe digital citizens.


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