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Established in 2013 by President and Founder, Ellie Puddle, Future Digital's core objective is to provide the most dynamic e-safety solutions for the rapidly changing digital and ICT environment. Future Digital’s sophisticated active monitoring solution ensures that teachers have full visibility of what is happening in the digital learning space guaranteeing that students are on task, protected from risk and getting the full benefits offered by e-learning. Future Digital's solutions are used by a large number of Local Authorities, individual schools, the public sector, law enforcement agencies and in the home

Future Digital's safeguarding solutions allow you to create flexible digital environments where users are free to access and enjoy all the benefits of the internet without curtailing or limiting their experience. Future Digital is dedicated to educating and shaping positive online experiences while protecting more vulnerable users. Our technology continues to define the e-safety space by providing leading edge and innovative software solutions designed to protect and safeguard against online dangers. Our active monitoring solutions ensure compliance with the Prevent duty, the most recent updates to KCSiE in relation to mandatory monitoring requirements and institutions' responsibilities in regard to online safeguarding, as inspected by Ofsted's Common Inspection Framework.

Our solutions extend to a wide range of devices including PC, Mac, iPad and our new fully scalable Cloud solution. Over the coming months Future Digital will be providing e-safety solutions for Android, Chromebook and Windows Phone ensuring that your whole environment is protected.    

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