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E-safety for Communities - Monitoring the Online Behaviours of Sex Offenders 

Managing the internet use of Registered Sex Offenders is challenging with previously available technical solutions like blocking software often circumvented using just basic technological knowledge. Futures Cloud is an e-safety monitoring and behaviour management solution designed to support organisations in their responsibility to protect the public from online predatory and sexualised behaviour. Futures Cloud enables full monitoring and reporting as well as managing adherence to an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

How does it work?

Futures Cloud is installed on the user’s device. This provides real time and historic management information regarding user behaviour and activity – identifying potential threats in any user web activity and acting as a versatile tool to modify unsafe or unacceptable behaviour. Monitoring takes place regardless of the connection method including fixed connection in own or other’s home, mobile broadband connection or connection in a public place. Should suspect activity occur on the device whilst the user is offline, this is stored and sent to the server as soon as the device next connects.

Any ‘violations’, potential breaches of an AUP or order, are collected and stored in both graphical and database format within a web server which acts as a remote secure console. The collected data is viewed by nominated personnel who can intervene the moment unacceptable behaviour is noted.

 Futures Cloud provides the ability to:

• Monitor the activity of those who use the Internet to sexually offend and who had the software installed as part of a SOPO or RSHO

• Challenge and address the behaviour of those offenders successfully

• Gather information and subsequent intelligence for better management and risk assessments

• Grade inappropriate activity and record the most serious in ViSOR

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